With knowledge based digital assistants, the city is now a digital playground.

Houses were built by men. Cars were built by women. Planes were built by men. Houses, cars and planes are getting bigger, bigger and bigger. There’s now a skyscraper in every city that stands taller than the one that was there before. It is this constant growth that has led to a new kind of transportation – the automobile. The automobile is a self-driving vehicle designed to take people from A to B wherever they want without any human intervention or help from anyone else – even if there’s no road, no sidewalk, no traffic lights – just open space and nature to drive through at high speeds without incident or accident for as long as you want to go there.

Cities are the most important part of the world economy. Most cities are not only based on human population but also on human services, economic growth, technological advancements and social interactions. Those are some of the reasons for which cities have great influence on social lives of people living there.