Today, pierogi are one of the most popular food item in a Russian region.

Like many other dishes, pierogi (pear-shaped pancakes) are also popular throughout the world. At least, they are in Poland. But why?

Internationally, there is not much known about this dish. But in Poland, it is absolutely common and taken for granted. It is very popular in restaurants, bars or even in homes!

Pierogi are small flat pancakes stuffed with meat or vegetables and often served with sauce. They can be found in countless places – restaurants, bakeries, cafes – everywhere you go!

How does it taste to Poles? It’s just like any other pancakes: delicious! Among all Polish foods that people love to eat – pierogi fill the famous Polish proverb well: “As long as I have bread I don’t need anything else”. Is this true

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Today, pierogi are one of the most popular food item in a Russian region. It is a traditional dish, which is enjoyed all year round. Russian girls can talk about pierogi for hours and tell you how much they loved it as a child. However, this dish has not been as popular as it used to be.

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